Kieran Bryant is a Sydney-based emerging artist whose practice aims to identify interior liquid narratives, situated wateriness, and emotional landscapes within the queer body and externalise them through constructed performative scenarios, collaborative actions, photographic documentation, small sculpture, and video installation. He is interested in locating holes in and suggesting alternatives to dominant viewpoints concerning queer fluidity, visibility and the body in contemporary arts and culture.


Since 2013 Kieran has worked as a founding member of 110% with Beth Dillon and Lachlan Herd, a Sydney, Melbourne, and Lausanne-based trio of emerging artists who create works of live performance, video, installation and sculpture. 110% has developed from a shared interest in amateur choreographies of the body in space; the aesthetics of uniformed labour; and the dynamics of hosting. Previous works have investigated competitive cultures of positive thinking; tested the dynamics of artist ­audience relationships; explored the relationship between art appreciation and the pursuit of leisure; and considered the impact of long­ distance separation on collaborative practice and motivation. 110% often stage performative interventions that play with the presentational structure of art events in festival, fair and gallery contexts. These interventions may take the form of an interruption, an invitation, an oasis, a sweaty mess.


Kieran’s solo and collaborative work has been shown in Australia and internationally at a range of independent galleries, experimental arts festivals and contemporary art institutions. He has undertaken artist residencies in Paris, UK, Beijing, Hong Kong, and various sites in remote areas of Australia. Kieran holds a Master of Fine Arts (Research) from UNSW Art and Design, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours Class 1) from the College of Fine Arts, Sydney. His work has been supported by the Australian Postgraduate Award (UNSW) and the Ross Steele Scholarship for Residency in Art & Design (UNSW).